Friday, November 14, 2008

Good Bye Sourav

You can Luv him, Hate him But can never ignore him.. That was Sourav Ganguly..

The 16 year old cricketing legend is calling it a day, finally the inevitable has happened.. A true luving fan of Dada could never imagined such a sudden decision and even the other two of great-3 could not believe it..

That was Dada whom we knew, always given us surprises, whether with the bat and ball or with the off-field controversies.

Dear Dada, Even though this series is going to be your last one, and you may hit the leg spinners out of the stadium again for SRK, you will be there in our hearts with those thrilling moments of glory for ever..

It may be the brilliant century in Lords, a gritty half century in Natwest where in your new kids won us a wonderful match, and your fantastic gesture in Lords Balcony, The fantastic sixes in 183 against Srilanka, The Toronto cup in Sahara or the century against aussies in Brisbane...The Sourav Ganguly have served
Indian Cricket rather the World Cricket exceptionally well..We admire you a lot...

To remember, you were not gifted with classical touch with bat with the likes of
Dravid and Tendulkar, but the Never-Die attitude was more than sufficient for you to win matches.. Statistics are not always correct, still out of 22 centuries you have scored in One Dayes, India have one 18 of them...

After the Match-fixing sagas, you have changed the entire outlook of Indian Cricket and the term Men-in-Blue have injected to the cricket loving country..
You have led the team with pride and Killing attitude and won us matches..

After the Greg-chappel eppisode, people have written you off, and you have shown us the true spirit of a sportsperson to have a Mother of all comebacks.. Hats off to you Prince.. You are the real Prince..

At this time, nothing much to prove, nothing much left out.. You will remembered as one of the Legends in World Cricket.. The Golden Era of Indian cricket is going to end soon.. But You will be remembered as Sourav, Dada and as Dravid said, God of

We will miss you a lot.. The brilliant sixes against leggies, The boundaries in offside, on and off filed gestures..But it was there in the cards that one day will come.. That's life.. and Cricket is not an exception..

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Mother of all combacks.. Sourav Ganguly, a Review!!

Even a die hard fan of Sourav Ganguly would have never expected such a magnificent combacks... Which is very rare among cricketing history.. And he did it.. Thanks for such a great hard work and determination..

From the day he started his 2nd ( or may be 3rd) cricketing career, he had become an integral part or unavoidable enitity of Men in blue.. One of the greatest combacks.

Humiliated, Insulted, thrown out to the darkness for long 11 months from internaional cricket, But the never die attitude made his wayback to the helm agian.. And can anyone dare think of or just dream of going to he worldcup with out Dada in top of he order??

The aggression and killing attitude which mad Australia No-1 for these years, injected to our fresh Indian Cricketng blood was none other than Sourav, what they call him as Dada..

And the continous losses in One Day tournaments for the past 5-8 months was only becoz of the lack of aggression which has suddenly came back to the team..

One overnight things changed a lot.. India came back to the rhythm of winning matches- in Style.. Never count someones value negetive as you will have to regret soon...

It was inevitable that Sourav has to comeback and Aussies has to start loosing matches today or tomorrow.. It was just a matter of time.. Not the other way around...

350 runs in 6 matches at a an average of nearly 70!! This is the man you shouted to remove his shoes and go the commentary box.. Shame on you guys..

Nothing more to write or show to some stupid thinkings against Dada ( No Hard Feelings, Just for the rhythm of the sentence) at this point of time.. As he doesn't talk too much now a days and his willow is talking for him, I don't want to add more.. Let him talk for us...


After-Thought: Never looking back on Sourav was a statement from the previous national selector Kiran More.. Now he is saying, It is the process that he started paying out.. Also It was a trick for cricketing good for India to drop Dada and arrange for a comeback.. Eating his on words in an overnight time.. He is a true politician or ......

Friday, January 05, 2007

What More to Prove??

Sourav Ganguly, who was in the darkness for 11 long months from International Cricket, Insulted, humiliated, thrown out The Prince of Kolkota, is the highest run getter for India in this Test Series against South Africa..

All eyes were opened when he took guard in the first innings of first test, but a handy performance from the stylish Left Hander proved that he is worth to be back where he belongs to..

Today when all the media is blaming for the negetive approach of Dravid-sachin duo, and praising a handy 46 from Sourav, I wonder is this the same people shouted at him to retire? To prepare Maggie Noodles?

Now whatever the result of this test is, Sourav is a definite choice of the Indian Selectors and he will be awarded with the Blue Jersy, which he should take proudly, as the man behind the concept called Men in Blue

Thank you sourav,Thank you very Much.. You have proved, or You have made our head up, for the support what we gave you, Hats off to you Dada, you are the best..

After-Thought: When Dileep vengsarkar and his team sit and think about the WorldCup compo, definitly someone will think of reinstating the tested-proven opening pair, worlds one of the most successful pair as openers.. Sachin-Sourav.. Hope for a good day of Cricket tomorrow!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

A Bunch of Jokers & Sinking Indian Cricket !!!

It was sometime back one of the wise cricketing mind in the country has stated 'cricket selectors as a Bunch of Jokers'..Hats off to him!!

Becoz time and again its been proved that they are the ones to have that name stamped..And with the inclusion of Legendary old Aussie and Wall of Indian Cricket, it is more clear..

Being a cricket watch dog for 10-15 years now, its really being shame as still I am...Indian Cricket is sinking , sinking and sinking.. If this is what you are calling as Future, Calibre, Youth, Process and last but not least Vision 2007!!, I really am a layman when you are talking cricket..

Dear Greg, When you are reading that book eagerly to finish the chapter, just look around the world for sometime..

Brain Charles Lara, the shameless person due to captaining the team which forgot to win is, winning matches for his team by putting great great battting display..
Drug attacked Pakistan, with out even having their front line bowlers, are getting matches home..
Injury hit England fighing out their way back to the mighty aussies..

And here in this part of the world, we are still processing cricket as finding out some old lost papers in an Indian Its shame on you dear Five star Coach!!

Why to shame on a person who is afterall a foriegner?? We were always been very good hosts as our culture is concerned..So talk about Indians now..

Rahul Dravid, the captain completly forgot that he was once called as Wall and was only the reliable , consistant and most respected batsman in the world.. Now " Things can only get better!! We will have to find solutions out"!! For the last 1.5 years you and your Guru-Greg is experimenting , processing and doing what not to find out solutions.. And now still when the World Cup, the so hyped Vision was on door steps, still you are finding out solutions.. Dear Indian Captain, Its not a Hide & Seek game , its that you are playing with the emotions of million Indian People who has given everything to the 11-Fools Game!!

I think Mr. Dileep Vengsarkar is one way right on his view as the talent is not coming out from Indian youth.. I am worried , is this going to be the end for Indian criket!! Dear Cheif Seletor, its time that, you take control from the mighty aussies culture, and think as an Indian!!

Do what ever actions you can take for the teams good and not for Individual Jadas and egos!!
If you wanna call back some old forgotten heros for the same, never think more, or if you wanna find out some new talent, like say, Shahbaz Tumbi and B. Manoj Kumar , never think more!! Its time to act..Act faster... Otherwise, its better to wind up the show and shut down the BCCI..

Atleast time of Indian crowd and feelings are not hurted..


Saturday, October 28, 2006

"The West Indies have forgotten to win"

"The West Indies have forgotten to win"; Crazy thoughts.. Do you remember these words? Almost all the Indian Criket lovers might have forgotten the same.. But Never Lara and his low class team..

These are from our Five star Guru Greg's crazy thoughts when he went to West Indies some tome back.. And he started eating his own words now.. Lara and his team has emerged as a team and started feeling like a definite bet for the upcoming Vision 2007..

Dear Greg, are you listening?? You are playing around with the feelings of Million Indian cricket lovers..Its high time.. Its really high time to stop these so called experiments and start thinking like an Indian Coach.. Othewise ....................

Dravid must be wondering, what next?? Definitly he is in darkness..In 1.5 years time, our star opener Veredar Sewhag has not scored a 3 digit score.. He has 7 hundreds in 150+ matches as an opener..Shame!!! Why he is still in the team?

Suresh Raina, the young Brigade is not scored a double digit for the last 17 innings he played.. Why is he still around?

Mahendra Singh Dhoni, after his brilliant 183*, he became so silent and a star only in advertisements..

Irfan Pathan, the so called All- Rounder that India was seraching for after Indian Legend Kapil Dev, failed miserably in both batting and bowling.. Why is he still batting at no-3??

Unable to chase a score of 125 runs successfully, and won somehow by the loss of 7 wickets?? Pathetic Cricket is around us..

I have told you, the previous blog might have been my last one for Sourav Ganguly.. But time demanded it.. and I am again here...

Definitly Sourav is far far better than Current bunch of Indian Cricket team.. The shabby performance is the answer for that.. Its high time to bring back Sourav, Laxman, Kumble and Zaheer Khan..

Dear Vengsarkar, Are you listening?? Atleast you must understand the feelings of the Indian Cricket lovers.. Its a plead...

After-Thought: Tomorow is the crucial tie for India as well as Australia, both should win to be in contention for Champoions trophy.. Do anybody feel or dream of a Miracle?? Hope for the best to come out.. Becoz, still I Luv Indian Cricket a bit...

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

This may be the last one for Sourav...

Unlike any other domestic tournament, this year challenger series was attracted by lots more people, only becoz of one man, Sourav Ganguly..

Its all over now.. The hard core fans of sourav Ganguly might be feeling very sad, like me. But we are no one to change the destiny.. Its going to happen as written and planned..

So where does he go from here? He will be a better person to answer.. He may say he will go and play Irani trophy or Duleep Trophy in the next couple of days..But again thats going to create a big hipe in the media and the minds of his fans..Nothing else..

I really feel or worry , Sourav Ganguly is almost a closed chapter..But while writing this statement also, I know or the people who knows me well will be knowing that My mind is against this statement... But truth always bitters..

When you read the following articles, in leading websites, you yourself feel the heat and the sentiments in the heart of thousands of people in Inida..Its better you read this instead of my stuppid feelings..

Ganguly sinking as chances run
When Life hung loose for 44

Nothing more to say tonight, as I am short of words.. But I feel writing lots and lots.. But better to stop here.. This may be the last and final comment from me about my Sourav.. Dear Dada, Its India.. And Indians are like this.. But still we remember you as one of the greatest cricketers and leader that India ever produced...

Gokul ( Luving DADA than Myself )

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

More-Show Over!! Its time for Challenger.. A Challenge...

Finished the show.. Packing the bags.. And waving his hands..The controversial career as a Cheif Selector of World's Most richest cricketing body has come to an end for India's one time great wicket keeper Kiran More...

As we see his career as a Selector, it was full of blunders and gossips..He had shown us the way how to select a team for President of BCCI and his sub ordinates.. He has shown us how to select a team for the Future and not the past,,

He had shown us the way how to eat his own words in less than 5 minutes time..( The letters here is removed) ................What to say about him.. Nothing.....

Dileep Vengsarkar, one of the Indian Cricket legends.. Now on a new dress as a chief selector. Hopefully, we can expect a new generation of selecting scenarios under his regime..

India lost again and were out of the recently concluded tri nation DLF cup before final.. And slipped into 5th place in ICC ranking..As all of us know, the results was purely the outcome of more experimentation and the insecurity fed into the cricket rs..

Now, upcoming Champions trophy, If India need to get back the respect what they had sometime ago, Dravid has to think positively and should follow his own mind.. And he should call the shots instead of Legend Aussie..

Before that, we all can closely watch one more tournament, which is Challenger trophy in Chennai during first week of October..

It is a rare coincidence, that India's most successful skipper, the stylish left hander Sourav Ganguly was out of the team after the challenger series last year. After that he didn't wear Blue.. Now its again a challenger and he is playing for his career.. Unlike last time, here he will be playing his mind with the prayers of thousands..

He will come good and hopefully, in a blue dress when India goes to South Africa and later to West Indies..

He deserves a place in the Indian team when Dravid lifts the trophy, (if at all) and reaches to the so called Vision 2007. Because, he was here for 11 years playing for India with 10K ODI runs and 22 centuries. Over and above that he is the person who is very much behine the concept called Men in Blue..

Just wait and see for a week time.. He will come good and is Good for Indian Cricket, None others...