Thursday, November 23, 2006

A Bunch of Jokers & Sinking Indian Cricket !!!

It was sometime back one of the wise cricketing mind in the country has stated 'cricket selectors as a Bunch of Jokers'..Hats off to him!!

Becoz time and again its been proved that they are the ones to have that name stamped..And with the inclusion of Legendary old Aussie and Wall of Indian Cricket, it is more clear..

Being a cricket watch dog for 10-15 years now, its really being shame as still I am...Indian Cricket is sinking , sinking and sinking.. If this is what you are calling as Future, Calibre, Youth, Process and last but not least Vision 2007!!, I really am a layman when you are talking cricket..

Dear Greg, When you are reading that book eagerly to finish the chapter, just look around the world for sometime..

Brain Charles Lara, the shameless person due to captaining the team which forgot to win is, winning matches for his team by putting great great battting display..
Drug attacked Pakistan, with out even having their front line bowlers, are getting matches home..
Injury hit England fighing out their way back to the mighty aussies..

And here in this part of the world, we are still processing cricket as finding out some old lost papers in an Indian Its shame on you dear Five star Coach!!

Why to shame on a person who is afterall a foriegner?? We were always been very good hosts as our culture is concerned..So talk about Indians now..

Rahul Dravid, the captain completly forgot that he was once called as Wall and was only the reliable , consistant and most respected batsman in the world.. Now " Things can only get better!! We will have to find solutions out"!! For the last 1.5 years you and your Guru-Greg is experimenting , processing and doing what not to find out solutions.. And now still when the World Cup, the so hyped Vision was on door steps, still you are finding out solutions.. Dear Indian Captain, Its not a Hide & Seek game , its that you are playing with the emotions of million Indian People who has given everything to the 11-Fools Game!!

I think Mr. Dileep Vengsarkar is one way right on his view as the talent is not coming out from Indian youth.. I am worried , is this going to be the end for Indian criket!! Dear Cheif Seletor, its time that, you take control from the mighty aussies culture, and think as an Indian!!

Do what ever actions you can take for the teams good and not for Individual Jadas and egos!!
If you wanna call back some old forgotten heros for the same, never think more, or if you wanna find out some new talent, like say, Shahbaz Tumbi and B. Manoj Kumar , never think more!! Its time to act..Act faster... Otherwise, its better to wind up the show and shut down the BCCI..

Atleast time of Indian crowd and feelings are not hurted..


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