Thursday, February 22, 2007

Mother of all combacks.. Sourav Ganguly, a Review!!

Even a die hard fan of Sourav Ganguly would have never expected such a magnificent combacks... Which is very rare among cricketing history.. And he did it.. Thanks for such a great hard work and determination..

From the day he started his 2nd ( or may be 3rd) cricketing career, he had become an integral part or unavoidable enitity of Men in blue.. One of the greatest combacks.

Humiliated, Insulted, thrown out to the darkness for long 11 months from internaional cricket, But the never die attitude made his wayback to the helm agian.. And can anyone dare think of or just dream of going to he worldcup with out Dada in top of he order??

The aggression and killing attitude which mad Australia No-1 for these years, injected to our fresh Indian Cricketng blood was none other than Sourav, what they call him as Dada..

And the continous losses in One Day tournaments for the past 5-8 months was only becoz of the lack of aggression which has suddenly came back to the team..

One overnight things changed a lot.. India came back to the rhythm of winning matches- in Style.. Never count someones value negetive as you will have to regret soon...

It was inevitable that Sourav has to comeback and Aussies has to start loosing matches today or tomorrow.. It was just a matter of time.. Not the other way around...

350 runs in 6 matches at a an average of nearly 70!! This is the man you shouted to remove his shoes and go the commentary box.. Shame on you guys..

Nothing more to write or show to some stupid thinkings against Dada ( No Hard Feelings, Just for the rhythm of the sentence) at this point of time.. As he doesn't talk too much now a days and his willow is talking for him, I don't want to add more.. Let him talk for us...


After-Thought: Never looking back on Sourav was a statement from the previous national selector Kiran More.. Now he is saying, It is the process that he started paying out.. Also It was a trick for cricketing good for India to drop Dada and arrange for a comeback.. Eating his on words in an overnight time.. He is a true politician or ......