Tuesday, October 03, 2006

This may be the last one for Sourav...

Unlike any other domestic tournament, this year challenger series was attracted by lots more people, only becoz of one man, Sourav Ganguly..

Its all over now.. The hard core fans of sourav Ganguly might be feeling very sad, like me. But we are no one to change the destiny.. Its going to happen as written and planned..

So where does he go from here? He will be a better person to answer.. He may say he will go and play Irani trophy or Duleep Trophy in the next couple of days..But again thats going to create a big hipe in the media and the minds of his fans..Nothing else..

I really feel or worry , Sourav Ganguly is almost a closed chapter..But while writing this statement also, I know or the people who knows me well will be knowing that My mind is against this statement... But truth always bitters..

When you read the following articles, in leading websites, you yourself feel the heat and the sentiments in the heart of thousands of people in Inida..Its better you read this instead of my stuppid feelings..

Ganguly sinking as chances run out--Cricinfo.com
When Life hung loose for 44 minutes--CricketNext.com

Nothing more to say tonight, as I am short of words.. But I feel writing lots and lots.. But better to stop here.. This may be the last and final comment from me about my Sourav.. Dear Dada, Its India.. And Indians are like this.. But still we remember you as one of the greatest cricketers and leader that India ever produced...

Gokul ( Luving DADA than Myself )

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