Friday, November 14, 2008

Good Bye Sourav

You can Luv him, Hate him But can never ignore him.. That was Sourav Ganguly..

The 16 year old cricketing legend is calling it a day, finally the inevitable has happened.. A true luving fan of Dada could never imagined such a sudden decision and even the other two of great-3 could not believe it..

That was Dada whom we knew, always given us surprises, whether with the bat and ball or with the off-field controversies.

Dear Dada, Even though this series is going to be your last one, and you may hit the leg spinners out of the stadium again for SRK, you will be there in our hearts with those thrilling moments of glory for ever..

It may be the brilliant century in Lords, a gritty half century in Natwest where in your new kids won us a wonderful match, and your fantastic gesture in Lords Balcony, The fantastic sixes in 183 against Srilanka, The Toronto cup in Sahara or the century against aussies in Brisbane...The Sourav Ganguly have served
Indian Cricket rather the World Cricket exceptionally well..We admire you a lot...

To remember, you were not gifted with classical touch with bat with the likes of
Dravid and Tendulkar, but the Never-Die attitude was more than sufficient for you to win matches.. Statistics are not always correct, still out of 22 centuries you have scored in One Dayes, India have one 18 of them...

After the Match-fixing sagas, you have changed the entire outlook of Indian Cricket and the term Men-in-Blue have injected to the cricket loving country..
You have led the team with pride and Killing attitude and won us matches..

After the Greg-chappel eppisode, people have written you off, and you have shown us the true spirit of a sportsperson to have a Mother of all comebacks.. Hats off to you Prince.. You are the real Prince..

At this time, nothing much to prove, nothing much left out.. You will remembered as one of the Legends in World Cricket.. The Golden Era of Indian cricket is going to end soon.. But You will be remembered as Sourav, Dada and as Dravid said, God of

We will miss you a lot.. The brilliant sixes against leggies, The boundaries in offside, on and off filed gestures..But it was there in the cards that one day will come.. That's life.. and Cricket is not an exception..


മാറുന്ന മലയാളി said...

bye bye sourav...........

kasiap govind said...

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